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so I have an obsession with big necklaces.. I love how they completely change a boring outfit.  And I’ve been collecting them for a long time, however, they take up a lot of space in jewelry boxes.  I’ve been looking for the perfect jewelry armoire, but in the meantime I went to goodwill and happened to find one of those old silverware holders.  My grandmother has one similar.  It was just plain wood, so I bought silver spray paint and just painted the whole thing, it took less than 5 minutes.  Then I arranged all of my jewelry in it.. which took longer: (I forgot to take a before picture, but it was just brown)


I made this for costume jewelry and all of my nice stuff is in my other jewelry box… this is fun though i love itt

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finally posting again

so I feel like I’ve been crafting quite a lot recently, and my roommates agree.  And yes I am posting this at 4 am, but it was a gameday and I might have fallen asleep after a long day of drinking and woke up around 1 wide awake.. so now I am laying here blogging!  I finally finished the hey yall sign, after procrastinating a lot.  I only had enough money to make the “hey” at first, so for awhile the top of our staircase just said “hey” haha.. but recently I finished the yall..

this was before the yarn went on, I also hot glued while wrapping the yarn to make sure it didn’t come off, but it was a race to wrap it faster than the glue dried.

I used wire on the hey to hold the overlapping sections together, but when I made the yall I couldn’t find the wire again so I just used scotch tape.



i have a longer post coming soon, but it’s not completely done yet. get excited.

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lots of things in one picture

So this picture has like three different projects that I did.  My initials on the wall are wooden letters from Michaels and then wrapped in yarn.  I thought that was going to be really easy to do and it turned out to be kind of a pain in the ass because the letters I got had a lot of grooves and edges and the yarn didn’t want to stay put.  So if you look up close I just glued pieces of yarn to the bare spots once I got tired of trying, but luckily you can’t see it from far away.. oops.  Then the frame is from Goodwill and had a really ugly picture in it that I told my roommates I bought to hang in the living room (they were scared for a few minutes).  I spray painted it white, and it still has a few spots that aren’t perfectly white (I ran out of spray paint) but Enaam said it looks distressed on purpose, so I’m going with that for now.  Then the two pink pillows on the bed I bought the fabric on sale and pillow forms and I just covered them.

Finally, the headboard was a do-it-yourself kit from an upholstery store.  It comes with the wood, foam, and you buy fabric you want to cover it.  Really easy to do, you just use a staple gun to adhere it to the back of the wood, and I can change the fabric with the style of my room.

Last project for now, this was the easiest thing I’ve done.  For the coasters, all you need is plain white tiles form Home Depot (they’re like 16 cents a piece), mod podge, pictures you want to use, and felt to put on the bottom:

I did an Austin theme for them and they turned out super cute! I want to do them as gifts for people, and you can use scrapbook paper as well instead of pictures, but I just printed these out from the internet.

Current/future projects:

So I’m trying to combine these two ideas into one:

but instead of saying love I want it to say:

I bought electrical wire to do it with, which has proven a little difficult to bend so I’ll keep yall posted on that… could be a failure.

Then I tried making these balloon balls,

but when I popped it the whole thing caved in haha so I have to redo it at some point and figure out a better way to do it.. we’ll seeee

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continued little projects

One more little project:

I got inspired by these placemats from Z Gallerie but didn’t want to pay $50 for 4 of them:

so I went to Target and found some cute navy blue placemats that have a design on one side and are plain on the other, then I enlarged the image of the design from above and traced it on my computer screen.  I cut it out and traced it onto the placemats and then used fabric paint to paint it. They turned out so cute:

I made four and then bought clear vases from Michaels and spray painted them with a glossy turquoise spray paint, so the finished table looks like this:

Luckily, I bought the dining room table so I get to keep the whole look at the end of the year haha

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So the dresser was a pretty big project, but I did a lot of little projects this summer including covering this chair:

I bought the chair from Ikea for like $60 I think and then I think I got 2-3 yards of fabric from an upholstery store. I couldn’t have done this one without my mom because I’m not super great at a sewing machine.  We somehow made a slip cover for the back part of the chair and then I sewed the cushion by hand.  At the beginning of this project, we were expecting a definite failure but by some miracle this is how it turned out:

I still had a bunch of extra fabric, so I made two throw pillows and this is what they look like in my room:

the quality on that picture is pretty terrible, but you get the idea.

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First DIY post!

okay… soo I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for a long time so we’ll just see how it turns out.. last December I started planning on how I was going to decorate my room (I know I’m a huge tool, but after living in dorm and sorority rooms for three years and not able to decorate, I was craving it).  I’m not going to post super detailed instructions on here because I don’t think really anyone’s going to actually make anything haha, so if you want detailed instructions for something just ask and I’ll post them.

so my first project began with this dresser that we just had lying around:


I got inspiration from a mirrored dresser at Z Gallerie for like $900 and painted the dresser (it was already sanded) and got mirrors precisely cut for the drawers, top, and sides.

I didn’t have to paint the entire thing, only the parts the mirrors wouldn’t cover, and bought cute knobs from Anthropologie.

After the mirrors were glued on but waiting for the glue to dry:

Anddd in my room:

definitely one of my favorite pieces in my room and besides a lot of patience, it was pretty easy to do!

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home home home

Hewwo friends,

(long postt, final days in Europeee)

I made it back to America in one piece, surprisingly.  Last Saturday Rachael and I took the train to Barcelona againnn.  We were a little nervous because of the terrorist attacks in Norway the previous day, even though they seemed to be specifically directed at Norway.  Also, all the metro stations that night had guards with machine guns and dogs with muzzles when normally you don’t even see a cop at a metro stop.  sketch.  However, there were a few strange things that happened on our train that were pretty sketchy.  First, when we arrived at Figueras, which is where we switched to our second train, there was a family in our car that suddenly started bawling and freaking out.  Rachael and I were like uhhhh….we texted our parents and legit thought there had been a terrorist attack on the US.  The only thing our parents had heard was that Amy Winehouse died…probs not why the family was crying.  Then when we were walking to our next train there was a guy with his hands on a train guard’s neck screaming “I’m going to kill you!!” and that was even more sketch.  Finally, we get on the next train and a girl from our previous car told us there had been a man in a different car who pulled out a knife and was threatening a girl and saying he was going to commit suicide. extremely sketch. Luckily, we made it to Barcelona after all that.  We took a cab to our hostel which was reallyyy cute and the people working the front desk were nice and really chill.  We had a private room but had to share a bathroom, which is fine with me.  Funny story though, we had a balcony that pretty much overlooked a wall like 5 feet away, and hanging on a hook next to our door was a thong..? I’m guessing that was a present left by the room’s previous guests… Anyways as soon as we got there we got ready and headed for the beach clubs.  We picked Opium, which is probably the coolest club I’ve ever been to.  You enter on ground level and go down stairs to beach level.  It was huge with around 5 different bars, a huge dance floor, an outdoor patio, and direct access to the beach.  They stamped your hand so you could walk back and forth from the beach.  One of our best nights in Europe haha.  Then at around 430 it started pouring down rain and everyone was leaving, so we tried to get a cab and it was impossible.  It took like 20 minutes and by that time I was completely soaked.  The next morning, I woke up and it was completely dark in our room so I assumed it was like 6 in the morning.  I looked at my clock and it said 1:15.. and I literally thought in the morning.  However, our room has no windows and the balcony door was wooden and we shut it, so it literally let no light in.  Rachael creepily looked at me and goes “its like a sleeping dorm…” haha.  So we got up and went to find lunch at a cafe, where we got some great tapas.  Then we walked down La Rambla and Rachael pointed at a zip line and was like lets do that.  So we walked for like 45 minutes trying to find the base.  Then we waited in like for around an hour and a half, paid for a round trip ticket and finally got on.  Well, it lasted about 8 minutes. We did get really great views of the city and the beach and that was neat.  However, to get the return trip you had to wait in line all over again.  So we just took a cab home.  We relaxed at the hostel for a little while and then went to a great tapas dinner.  We had clams, patatas bravas (fries with a spicy mayonnaise on top), cod fritters, chicken kebobs, and pan fried peppers.  Soo glad I didn’t study in Spain all summer or I might weigh 200 pounds now.  However, it was great.  Then we were really tired and just headed back to our room.  The next day we took the train back to Paris, without incident this time thank god.  Rachael was able to stay at her host family’s house again that night, but my host mom had two new girls moving in, so I booked  a hotel for that night.  Rachael was also eating with her host mom for the last time, so I had to get dinner by myself.  That was an interesting experience, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever eaten dinner by myself before, and I’m a pretty independent person.  Lots of lunches but never a dinner.  I went back to the Latin Quarter and decided to get fondue at the restaurant that we liked a lot.  A girl and her friend were laughing and talking in another language and I was paranoid they were laughing at me, but I’m sure they weren’t.  I had my Ipad with me, so I just read my book.  Afterwards I found my hotel and picked up my big suitcase that I left in their luggage room all weekend.  It was really nice, but lonely all by myself.  The next morning Rachael and I shared a cab to the airport- she flew through dallas, and I had to fly through Chicago…really?? I took sleeping pills to make sure I slept the whole time, but really annoyingly since it was a daytime flight they never turned the lights off and served food literally the entire time.  The stupid flight attendant woke me up like every 30 minutes to ask if I wanted food. Anywayssss I got home and fell asleep in my huge comfy bed (compared to European beds).  Since I got home I’ve eaten Mexican food like 3 times haha.  I miss Paris a lot, and it’s strange speaking English.  I still have the annoying habit of translating every thought that goes through my head into French… it’s tiring.  My birthday is Sunday and Dan gets here tomorrow!! I’m so excited for this weekend, and then next Thursday I drive to Lawrence to move in! I probably won’t write on this blog anymore since it was a Europe blog and my normal life isn’t exciting enough for people to read, however if I get really great ideas to write about, I will continue posting..I know everyones excited for all the exciting shiz i have to say………i said exciting like 3 times in that sentence

J’espere que je vous verrai bientot! (I hope i’ll see you soon)

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